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Capital Landing Partners

As the premier real estate lender in the Southwest, Capital Lending Partners specializes in making private loans secured by real property. We have built a robust, full-service lending and loan-servicing platform, to go along with a vast network of financial and real estate professionals. This helps to provide us with consistent flow of new loan opportunities, and in turn, a balanced investment portfolio.

We provide high-yield investment opportunities to accredited investors through the CLP Secured Loan Fund, LLC. The Fund provides investors the opportunity to invest in a portfolio loans secured by real estate and receive monthly distributions of income.

Why Do Investors Partner With Us?

Our investors seek elevated, reliable yields and protection of their principal. Our chief objective is to preserve investor capital while seeking investments that we believe will generate attractive returns. Trust deeds are an incredibly useful tool to accomplish this, given that they are secured by real estate and not directly correlated with the stock market.

Our principals have participated in over $2 billion of real estate transactions. Find out why we are the industry leader in trust deed investing.


Why Capital Lending Partners?


Our moral compass points true north. As our name suggests, whether you are an investor or a borrower, we see you as our capital partner and aim to always treat you as such.


We understand that business moves fast. Our efficient and thorough underwriting allows CLP to make intelligent investing decisions quickly.


Our principals have participated in over $2 billion of real estate transactions. We’ve been through a variety of economic cycles and every transaction brings to bear our market intelligence.


All CLP loans are secured by a first position deed of trust or mortgage on real property.


Learn from Top Industry Professionals

Our webinar is presented throughout the day. You have the chance to learn from our team of top industry professionals that has participated in over $2 billion of real estate transactions.

This is a fun and informative must-attend webinar for investors looking for information about using trust deeds as part of their investment strategy. The primary focus of the event is to educate investors on how to invest in trust deeds. We will discuss topics such as: (1) What is a trust deed investment? (2) What are the benefits of investing in trust deeds? (3) How to use trust deeds as a long term investment strategy, and (4) Tips on how to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

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Our three core business tenants are reliability, credibility and integrity – principles we believe are paramount to success and lasting relationships.

We pride ourselves on our ability to pair sound lending philosophy with palatable terms. We loan on all types of real estate property including land, construction, commercial and residential.

Our team of seasoned professionals makes doing business with CLP easy. Call us today.




It is very possible to earn double digit returns in a secured Trust Deed Investment. However, with so many things to take into consideration when investing, making informed choices can boost your investing success.

Our goal is to help you get the information you need to make informed decisions about Trust Deed Investing. Start here and download the ebook whitepaper today – The 10 Keys to Successful Trust Deed Investing.

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